Registration to the Fresher Adventure is open on 5–23 September 2018. The start is at Kaivopiha on 28 September from 2 pm to 5 pm. Participating teams will receive an info pack at the start of the Fresher Adventure, containing their team number, obligatory starting checkpoint and the Fresher Adventure wristbands.

Fresher Adventure's help phone is open on the event day from 3pm to 9pm at:

+358 41 7179643

Fuksiseikkailu mobile app

A mobile app that collects all the information the adventurers need into one place is used in 2018 for the second time in the Fresher Adventure. The app features all the checkpoints and checkpoint descriptions of the Adventure by area, a map, the schedule and the rules of the Fresher Adventure.

You can check out last year’s checkpoints, map and checkpoint descriptions by downloading the app from the App Store or Play Store under the name ‘Fuksiseikkailu’.

The checkpoints for 2018 have been updated in the app!


2.00–5.00 pm Team registration at Lasipalatsinaukio.

2.00–5.00 pm Best costume contest photo wall open at Lasipalatsinaukio.

4.00–8.00 pm Checkpoints open around the city and campuses.

8.30 pm Fresher Adventure Afterparty: prize ceremony, Mikael Gabriel and the best party of the fresher autumn at The Circus. Get tickets here.

11.00 pm Awarding the winners at The Circus.

The Lasipalatsinaukio start

  1. You will get an envelope containing instructions for adventurers and wristbands from the registration desk. The instructions for adventurers include your team’s starting checkpoint and team number. It is important to hold onto your team number throughout the event, as your points at checkpoints are awarded based on it. All team members do not need to be present at the registration at Lasipalatsinaukio.

  2. Participate in the best team costume contest by having your team’s photo taken at the photo wall at Lasipalatsinaukio!

  3. Frank Students and Akava will be among those checkpoints present at the start!


During the Adventure, teams tour the checkpoints of student organisations, the University and our cooperation partners all around Helsinki. The checkpoints are open from 4 pm to 8 pm. You will find the checkpoint descriptions, their addresses and a map of all checkpoint areas in the Fresher Adventure mobile app.

On each checkpoint, the teams are awarded points for their performance. The checkpoint hosts award the points electronically, which means that teams do not have to mark down their own scores. Each checkpoint is scored on a scale from 1 to 5. Scoring is influenced by team spirit and completing the tasks as a group.

Fresher Adventure overall badges are handed out to all participants in the event. They can be acquired during the event at the obligatory checkpoints of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY).


  1. Teams must complete at least five checkpoints.

  2. Teams have been given an obligatory starting checkpoint, told to the team at the Lasipalatsinaukio start.

  3. Teams must complete at least one of the four HYY checkpoints. The HYY checkpoints are 1, 40 and 99.

  4. Teams must complete checkpoints in at least three different checkpoint areas.

  5. Some checkpoint areas award bonus points (see below). Bonus points can only be received once for each area.

    The areas are:

    Uusi ylioppilastalo / Kaivokatu


    Ruttopuisto (+1)

    Domus Gaudium (+2)

    Osakuntatalot (+1)



    Kaisaniemen puisto


    Sörnäinen (+2)

    Kumpula (+6)

Prizes and winners

The three teams with the highest points in the Fresher Adventure will receive prizes. The winning teams’ contact persons will be contacted by phone after 8 pm. The winners are awarded their prizes at the Fresher Adventure afterparty at The Circus on 28 September at 11.00 pm!

Participate in the best team costume contest by having your team’s photo taken at the photo wall at Lasipalatsinaukio between 2 pm and 5 pm. The photos will be published on HYY’s Facebook page, and the team to receive the most likes by 29 September at 3 pm wins the public vote.

Please pay attention that your costume is not offensive, for example, don’t use someone else’s culture or ethnicity as a costume.

More information about the prizes here!

Avoid the rush and see the adventure unfold

Information on rushes is distributed in real time through the news and checkpoints pages of the Fresher Adventure’s mobile app. Keep your eye on the mobile app to avoid queueing!

Around 3,000 students are participating in the event. This means that queues may form both in registration and at checkpoints. Please arrive at the registration early and be patient!


Accessible checkpoints can be found through the Fresher Adventure’s mobile app. Do not hesitate to contact the email address found below if your starting checkpoint needs to be accessible or if you need help with accessibility issues.

Event principles

All participants, organisers, volunteers and checkpoint hosts must follow HYY’s event principles during the Fresher Advenure. If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour, you have the right to take action against it or report the incident to the safety contact persons of the event or the Fresher Adventure volunteers who will be present at checkpoint areas. The event safety contact persons for the Fresher Adventure are Jane Kärnä (050 543 9615) and Laura Wathén (050 409 1383), HYY’s board members in charge of equality. HYY’s event principles:

  • Care about the people around you. Care about how they are doing, how they feel and how your words and actions affect them.

  • HYY’s events have zero tolerance for all kinds of harassment, racism, bullying and discrimination.

  • Respect other people’s physical and mental integrity. No means no; do not harass anyone verbally, by touching them or by staring at them.

  • If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour, you have the right to take action against it or report the incident to the safety contact persons of the event. If you wish, you may also contact HYY’s harassment contact persons after the event.

  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere with your own actions.

Videos and photography

A video- and photographer is present at the event. If you do not want to be seen in pictures, please inform the photographer directly.

#Fuksiseikkailu2018 and FB events

The official hashtags of the event are #fuksiseikkailu2018 and #fresheradventure2018! Remember also use the hashtag #hyy150.

You can find the Facebook event here and the Afterparty here!

More info: fuksiseikkailu (at)