Why to participate? 

HYY's Freshman Adventure is an interdisciplinary experience into the student union, its organisations and close partners. Hosting a checkpoint is a fun way to present your organisation and its activities for new students!  

Comments about Freshman Adventure:

”The best things in the Freshman Adventure were diverse and fun checkpoints and friendly checkpoint hosts!” 

”Fun atmosphere and plenty of different checkpoints which also provided useful information. It was nice to visit Hämis facilities and I decided to become a member of the student nation after the Freshman Adventure!”

”The greatest things were the checkpoints were the hosts were genuinely excited about their activities, like Alter Edo and Grieswart!”

”I had the chance to get to know student nations, subject organisations and recreational organisations, which I would not have come across otherwise!”

”All the checkpoints! The whole adventure was amazing and I would have wanted to visit more checkpoints, despite the contest. I had so much fun!” 

Do you want to host a checkpoint in the Freshman Adventure? Sign up here! Checkpoint registration starts in April.